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Psychedelic Penny Stocks

Psychedelic penny stocks is a list of magic mushroom penny stocks trading on the OTCBB market. This list of psychedelic stocks is updated daily after market close and sorted by the percentage gains and losses.

Updated on March 24, 2023

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Symbol Open High Low Close Volume Percent
PHRRF predictions 0.0996 0.0996 0.0853 0.0989 70300 7.62%
EVAHF predictions 0.6595 0.6595 0.6595 0.6595 200 7.15%
PSYC predictions 0.0056 0.0059 0.0045 0.0058 5227500 0.00%
EHVVF predictions 0.0034 0.004 0.0026 0.0039 45200 -2.50%
MCURF predictions 0.0446 0.0446 0.0446 0.0446 1000 -10.80%

What Are Psychedelic Penny Stocks?

Psychedelic Penny Stocks are micro cap psychedelic stocks trading on the OTCBB market. Some psychedelic penny stocks are gaining momentum as the magic mushrooms have been legalized in Oregon and many states may follow suit. Can psychedelic stocks go the same path and direction as marijuana stocks did? It took marijuana stocks a few years to gain traction and took off, and mushroom stocks may be next. However, high-rewards always come with high-risk. At this stage, it is hard to predict where the psychedelic industry is going, and traders may be in for a roller coaster should they choose to invest or trade any of the psychedelic stock.

Mushroom Penny Stocks

You won't find these psychedelic stocks on Robinhood because you can't trade stocks from the OTCBB market on Robinhood.

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