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This is a guide on how to find hot penny stocks to watch for swing trading or day trading. While there are many ways that you can find penny stocks to trade online, using a stock scanner is one of the most effective ways.

You can search for top penny stocks based on price and volume actions, or scan by technical indicators and chart patterns using a technical stock screener.

1. Stocksunder1.org

At stocksunder1.org, you can search for daily penny stock gainers and losers with price and volume filters. The daily gainers are worth watching for breakout traders who are looking for price action. The daily losers are useful for traders who are looking for short term bargains to utilize a pullback strategy. One can use both breakout and pullback strategies for the best result. We've talked about the pullback strategy in our penny stocks guide and the breakout strategies in How to Trade Breakout Penny Stocks.

Stocksunder1.org has the ability to search for all stocks on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and OTCBB. To search for OTC stocks, use the OTC stocks scanner.

2. Penny Stocks App

Our tool is available as an app for free in the App Store and Play Store with thousands of happy users. Penny Stocks in Play Store Penny Stocks in App Store The daily gainers and losers are not only useful for day traders and swing traders looking for stocks to watch, but they are also useful in helping beginners discover profitable patterns. By studying the stock charts of stock gainers of the day for a couple of weeks, one can discover patterns that they have overlooked in the past. Learn how to find a winning pattern with the article below if you haven't found one yet. How to Find a Winning Penny Stock Pattern In addition to the penny stock scanners, our website offers many different kinds of penny stock lists to filter your penny stocks watchlist. For example, the penny stocks trading at round numbers list give you a list of stocks that are currently trading near round numbers. The best penny stocks list not only shows you the top 10 moving penny stocks of the day but also the stock charts of these stocks so that you can study. The solar penny stocks list gives you access to a list of alternative energy stocks that are trading on the regular stock exchanges as well as the OTCBB market.

3. Stock-Screener.org

Stock-screener.org is a technical stock screener that offers various technical scans for short-term traders. It is an end of day stock screener that works perfectly for swing traders, and maybe some day traders. To use this stock screener, one needs to have a basic understanding of technical analysis and chart patterns and know what kind of pattern one wants to search for. Traders can use this stock screener to scan stocks using moving average, RSI, candlestick, MACD, Bollinger Bands, and so on. If you use any of these technical indicators to find penny stock setups, you can easily use this stock screener to filter over 7,000 stocks and find the penny stocks you want. You can search for a daily gap up and gap down stocks as well as stocks that are up or down a certain percentage. There are various reversal and continuous candlestick patterns that you can search for such as the Doji, Bullish Engulfing, Bearish Engulfing, Above The Stomach, Morning Star, and many more. The site also offers different stock lists that you can use such as the stocks that are making a 52 week high, 52 week low, trending stocks, stocks that are oversold, and scan by sector, industry, and the type of products a company offers. Best of all, the stock screener is free to use.

4. Finviz

Finviz is another great stock screener that combines technical indicators with fundamental indicators and has a comprehensive search for stocks listed on the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX. Finviz has filters for all kinds of fundamental data such as market cap, P/E ratio, free cash flow, EPS growth rate, debt-equity ratio, sales growth rate, and many more. Finviz also has tons of technical indicators that you can use, including moving averages, candlestick patterns, shares outstanding, float, double top and bottom patterns, and all the popular chart patterns and indicators that you can think of. Whether you are a short term penny stock trader or a long term dividend investor, you will find Finviz useful.

5. TradingView

TradingView, another powerful stock screener that has scan functions for both technical and fundamental data. TradingView gives traders the option to scan by all kinds of oscillators and trend following indicators such as moving average, MACD, stochastic, volatility, volume, weekly performance, yearly performance, 52 weeks high and low, and many others. The fundamental screening options include company valuations, dividends, margins, and various ratios from income statements and balance sheets such as EPS, gross profit, revenue, income, debt to equity ratio, quick ratio, assets, and many more. TradingView is very similar to Finviz in many ways but I like the Finviz interface better and found it to be more user-friendly.


A stock screener helps you find hot penny stocks that are on the rise. However, one needs to be able to understand the data in order to take full advantage of the screeners. A trader has to know what kind of pattern works the best for himself and use a stock screener to cut down the research time that he spends on finding stocks to trade. If you find stocks manually, it could take hours to find the setups that you want. With a stock scanner, you can do it in 10 minutes. However, a technical stock screener will not help you much if you don't understand the data or the chart pattern that you are searching for. If you are a beginner and not sure what kind of technical indicators or chart patterns that you should use, start with the following tutorials. How to Trade Penny Stocks Top Penny Stock Patterns How to Swing Trade Penny Stocks

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Disclaimer: Stocksunder1.org does not endorse or suggest any of the securities which are returned in any of the searches or filters. They are provided purely for informational and research purposes. Stocksunder1.org is not an investment adviser and does not recommend particular securities. Stocksunder1.org shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken based on the content.