Penny Stocks to Buy

Here are 2 penny stocks to buy for swing trading, CCCR and CALI. Both stocks had been fallen over 50% since the recently peak and I’m expecting a rebound coming soon. My goal is to make anywhere between 20%-30% from these stocks, and I think these 2 stocks are two of the best penny stocks to buy right now. Please remember, I’m not planning to buy these 2 stocks are for long term investing purpose. I will be only holding them for a very short period of time for swing trading. If the stock bounce back and hit my target price, I would sell them.

Please note penny stocks are risky, so know what you doing before you buy penny stocks.



How to Trade Penny Stocks

Here are a few penny stocks that I had success with this month with the pull back penny stock strategy that I use, ZAIS, MOSY, and PULM. I made anywhere from 20% to 56% from these three penny stocks. Basically, I would watch stocks that made big moves recently with high volume and wait for it to drop over 50%.

ZAIS trend analysis

MOSY trend analysis

PULM trend analysis

Please note there are a set of technical analysis criteria that I follow closely to find penny stocks to trade. I use technical analysis and candlestick patterns to find the stocks I like, and just wait for them to pull back and form a possible triangle pattern.

Emotion and greed is what kills penny stock beginners, so if one wants to make consistent profit trading penny stocks, the first thing to learn is to be discipline. You need to have an exit strategy for every penny stock you trade, be it stop loss or profit taking. Also, remember to only buy penny stocks with high liquidity, this way you can always find a buyer when you want to sell your stock. For penny stocks with low liquidity, you will end up paying more for commission and slippage fees. Another penny stock tip is to always use limit order rather than market order. If you use market order to trade penny stocks, the stock price you see might not be the price that you pay. You may pay a lot higher when you want to buy a stock or sell for cheaper than the price you see on your stock broker account. Use limit order to ensure this will never happen to you.

For stock market beginners, make sure you read these penny stock books before you start trading penny stocks. You can also read penny stocks for beginners.

How to Find Penny Stocks

You can find penny stock ideas from all penny stocks. The penny stock screener allows a trader to find daily movers and losers. You can narrow the search result by using the price and volume filter. For example, the penny stock finder gives you the option to find all penny stocks gainers with stock price under $5 and trading volume over 200,000. Following is a list of penny stocks to watch that are trading under $5.

Last Trading Date: 2018-12-14

Stock Analysis Symbol Exchange Open High Low Close Volume Percent
DFFN Stock Predictions DFFN NASDAQ 3.44 3.74 2.65 2.86 723263 1330.00%
CGIX Stock Predictions CGIX NASDAQ 0.37 0.69 0.37 0.56 8320577 51.35%
ALQA Stock Predictions ALQA NASDAQ 2.95 3.35 2.54 2.69 27142337 26.29%
ZN Stock Predictions ZN NASDAQ 0.51 0.75 0.48 0.54 2906468 14.89%
FUV Stock Predictions FUV NASDAQ 1.83 2.39 1.55 2.15 86272 12.57%
MICT Stock Predictions MICT NASDAQ 0.34 0.38 0.34 0.37 73881 12.12%
PTX Stock Predictions PTX NASDAQ 0.44 0.54 0.43 0.48 2067035 11.63%
LMFA Stock Predictions LMFA NASDAQ 1.08 1.44 1.00 1.22 971740 10.91%
CWBR Stock Predictions CWBR NASDAQ 3.62 3.99 3.55 3.92 56947 10.42%
FSNN Stock Predictions FSNN NASDAQ 1.56 1.78 1.56 1.74 153360 10.13%
VBIV Stock Predictions VBIV NASDAQ 1.43 1.54 1.40 1.53 1288286 9.29%
INNT Stock Predictions INNT NASDAQ 2.65 3.18 2.56 2.83 2160420 8.43%
INUV Stock Predictions INUV AMEX 1.05 1.16 1.05 1.16 64200 8.41%
LRAD Stock Predictions LRAD NASDAQ 2.15 2.75 2.08 2.47 205888 8.33%
KDMN Stock Predictions KDMN NYSE 2.28 2.49 2.22 2.47 764300 7.86%
TLGT Stock Predictions TLGT NASDAQ 1.82 1.89 1.68 1.80 556851 7.78%
ISSC Stock Predictions ISSC NASDAQ 2.03 2.19 2.03 2.18 253101 7.39%