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This is a list of hot penny stocks today with trading volume over 1 million and a percentage gain of at least 5 percent or a loss of at least 5 percent. These penny stocks spike in volume today and are worth watching for swing trading or day trading.

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published on November 26, 2021

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Symbol Open High Low Close Volume Percent
BIMI predictions 0.95 0.99 0.81 0.91 36470400 30.00%
THMO predictions 1.20 1.89 1.20 1.51 4946900 19.84%
COCP predictions 0.83 0.99 0.82 0.97 3330200 18.29%
TOMZ predictions 1.31 1.34 1.13 1.34 3620100 15.52%
PTN predictions 0.47 0.56 0.46 0.56 41870300 9.80%
SMTS predictions 1.37 1.69 1.32 1.50 2263200 9.49%
OTLK predictions 1.25 1.39 1.24 1.37 2825400 7.87%
NBY predictions 0.48 0.54 0.48 0.51 4156000 6.25%
TNXP predictions 0.49 0.51 0.48 0.51 24924900 6.25%
CEMI predictions 2.01 2.07 1.92 2.00 2011300 5.82%
METX predictions 0.34 0.39 0.34 0.38 22561700 5.56%
RGLS predictions 0.39 0.42 0.38 0.41 1407300 5.13%
FNGD predictions 1.83 1.92 1.82 1.88 5900200 5.03%

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10 Hot Penny Stocks to Watch

Following are the 10 hot penny stocks to watch today.

  • NF Energy Saving Corp (NASDAQ:BIMI)
  • Thermogenesis Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:THMO)
  • Cocrystal Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:COCP)
  • Tomi Environmental Solutions Inc (NASDAQ:TOMZ)
  • Palatin Technologies, Inc (AMEX:PTN)
  • Somanetics Corporation (AMEX:SMTS)
  • Outlook Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:OTLK)
  • NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc (AMEX:NBY)
  • Tonix Pharm Hld (NASDAQ:TNXP)
  • Chembio Diagnostics (NASDAQ:CEMI)

What Are Hot Penny Stocks?

Hot penny stocks are the stocks that are making big moves today with a lot of volumes. When a stock is moving up with huge volume, it indicates strength and means that there are more buyers than sellers. On the other hand, if a stock drops with abnormal volume, it generates a bearish signal meaning there are more sellers than buyers.

How to Find Hot Penny Stocks?

There are many ways you can find hot penny stocks on a daily basis. You can use our penny stock scanner to search for hot penny stocks based on price and volume.

  • Penny Stock Screener
  • Stock Screener

With the help of our free penny stock screener, you can find the daily movers with good trading volume. Simply select the stock price range, minimum trading volume, gainers or losers, and you are good to go. You can also utilize a regular stock screener to scan for penny stocks based on chart patterns. https://stock-screener.org There are many technical patterns that you can search for in a penny stock such as the moving average, volume, MACD, RSI, Bollinger bands, and many more. If you are not familiar with technical analysis and chart patterns, read Top 10 Stock Chart Patterns to learn how chart patterns can help you trade penny stocks.

How Trade Hot Penny Stocks?

Traders use different strategies to make money from penny stocks. Some traders use breakout strategies to find penny stocks that are breaking out to new highs. Others use a pullback strategy to find penny stocks that are pulling back to support. A trader needs to learn and find a strategy that works best for them. To get started in penny stocks trading, read these articles on how to use chart patterns to find the best penny stocks to watch and trade. Penny Stocks Guide How to Swing Trade Penny Stocks Top Penny Stocks Patterns

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